Saturday, June 11, 2016

Why is Mr. Narendra Modi so eager to get India a permanent membership in United Nations Security council?

Let us get a background about what the UNSC- United Nations Security Council really is and what its functions are.
As the name implies the Security council has the responsibility to intervene in civil wars and resolve conflicts among nations. Thus if the member nations deem necessary, the UN will take action against the government of any nation and has the power to dismantle the nation's power structure.
UNSC has a few temporary members and five permanent members. The temporary members get a term of two years each. USA, Russia, France, Britain and China are the five permanent members of the security council.
The permanent members have a veto power over all the decisions of the UNSC. What does this imply? This ensures that no big decision is taken which will make a powerful country unhappy. This veto power serves well to the five members as it helps them protect their interests.
There have been countless wars and massacres which have taken place in the world since the World War Two but the UN did not even blink an eye. This was because all these wars served the interests of the five members from that elite permanent group.
In 1971 when the Pakistan army massacred millions of innocent Bengali people, the UNSC did not bother to castigate Yahya Khan for he was an US ally. India received a massive inflow of poor, diseased and hungry refugees but was the only country shouting about it.
Not many countries at the UN supported India back then. The USSR had to even veto a resolution which was against India.
The UN conveniently ignored the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia in 1975 only because the regime served the interests of nations from the security council.
The point is that the veto power and respect a nation gets from a place on the Security Council permanent membership is vital.
Also the permanent seat provides a lot of influence in the decision making process of the UN. Does French- a language spoken by a hundred million- deserve to be the official language today when Hindi, which is spoken by three hundred million people, is not an official language? ( More people understand and speak Hindi, but this is the figure of people who speak it as their native language.)
I speak fluent Spanish and I work as freelance interpreter and I get paid a shitload of money in Pune. I am only nineteen years old but I already earn more than several engineers. So a permanent seat in the UNSC will help India create favourable conditions for its citizens.
AS a nation grows and integrates itself into the world economy on a larger scale, it is increasingly important for it to protect it's interests abroad.

India, with its booming economy and an ambitious private business sector, is investing huge amounts of money in every continent. From Afghanistan, Australia, Middle east to many African nations, India has considerable economic, strategic and cultural interests to protect.
India has a huge diaspora working in the middle eastern countries and an unstable Arab world is not in our interests.
This image shows a comparison between Indian and Chinese diaspora around the world. India clearly has a huge population in very turbulent regions where chances of conflicts are high. India has already faced several challenges in rescuing the diaspora, most recently in Libya and Yemen.
The veto power will help India avoid any actions by the UNSC which may injure Indian investments or interests. It will also make nations think twice before doing something with an intention to harm India.
The respect India will attain from the seat will help India gain more attention in the international media. The Permanent seat will also add more weight to Indian opinions and statements.
The position as a permanent member says a lot about a country. Consumer confidence in a nation grows. Thus more investments are made and this helps boost the economy.
An investor will think many times before making an investment in Syria. ( Many Indians and the world lost a lot of money due to the violence in Syria. The civil war has made it impossible to continue any business.)
But a strong India will help build an image of a stable India and this will bring in more business.
So Mr Modi, or any Indian leader will be keen on securing the permanent seat at the Security council because the seat will help India gain more influence, investment, respect and secure its business and strategic interests all over the world.

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