Thursday, May 26, 2016

Jats demand in Haryana for reservations is unreasonable

I fail to understand their demand. If they have brain then why they need reservation and if they are poor... Wait..

Poor!  Are you kidding me? They are filthy rich. 
They definitely don't need any reservation.

I lived in a village for 16 years in Haryana, that village used to be and still dominated by Jats as most of the villages in Haryana are. I did my schooling from village government school itself. Now I am studying in an IIT college and seen the domination and their status in my village. As per reservation policy, reservation should be given to people who are socially and economically backward. Let me answer each perspective one by one.

Social Status:
They are not socially backwards at all. In fact, they are the one who rules and ruled villages. If some incident happens, the village people go to Jats for the solution. Its because of following more historic and less contemporary reasons:
a). They are the land owners. Villagers get their daily cores by working in those fields. So they obey them. 
b). People in villages domesticates cattle for milk and other purposes like dungs, selling and buying etc. Now where do villagers get grass for them? This is also from the fields owned by the Jats. 
c). Castes like Kumhar, Valmiki, Chamar etc. used to serve upper castes like Jats, Pandits, Baniyas etc.  For example, for Kumhars,  these higher castes have been major profitable buyers of utensils. Same is the case for Chamars and other castes. That's why they are called as UPPER CASTES.
d). Historically, upper castes mainly Jats have been leaders of villages like Surpanch etc.  Still, other castes wins when there is reservation for other castes in that particular year, that too with the support of Jat people. Lower caste candidate just act as puppets, actually ruling is by Jats.
e). The CMs of Haryana have been always Jats barring current one. These were always supporters of Jats. Electricity bills full rebate and government employment for Jats were usual practices. Full rebate of electricity bills was just one of numerous cases in earlier Hudda Government. While, surfacing of JBT scam in Chotala Government was also one of the numerous employment scams cases. I have seen this and know some persons who gave money for getting jobs. Money used to be secondary condition in major cases, first you need to be a Jat. I am completely denying here that the other castes didn't get the benefits. Some people did get the benefits, but as per reservation.
Economic Status
Compared to other castes, Jats are economically more sound. The soundness is due to land they are owning. Haryana has fertile land. One acre costs a crore, though that differ from location wise. It is much higher in districts like Gurgaon, Fridabad, Rohtak etc. 
Its true that land per people has reduced over the years due to distribution over generations. But we can't deny the fact the land prices also increased enormously over the years. 

Now let me tell you why they are demanding reservation now,
a). Over the years, lower castes gradually became educated and improved economically. Though, the status is way lower than Jats and other upper castes.
b). The division of lands have forced Jat people to work along with other castes.
c). Current Government has Non-Jat CM
d). Current government has taken stringent steps to reduce corruption in recruitments mainly making them more transparent. This has avoided earlier malpractices of Recruitments.
e). Haryana electricity board has more than 40% losses apart from huge debt burden. To avoid the theft of electricity, the Government has taken steps to reduce electricity. For example, changing bare conductor into insulated ones, meter outside premises, forcing people for payment of bills etc. These steps definitely not liked by people who steal electricity, but most likely will impact Jats. As they can see, there would not be any write off their electricity bills now.
f). The Jats don't like other castes people to be of their status. They are losing that status/position/GAON KI CHAUDHAR over the years. It is enraging them.
So, there are actually no basis for this demand.

P.S. I am a general caste and I am totally against any caste based reservation. I never took privilege rather got beaten in competitive exam just because st/SC deserved the reserved. BS.

I have not said all jaats are rich/ unintelligent. They, obviously, like any other Indian are a mixed bag. My father has worked in army and I know Haryana constitutes a big portion in army. My point is, these jaats(who are insane for reservation) have just maligned their name.

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