Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How is Salman Khan like in real life?

Let us talk about which brands these stars use and which toothpaste they use because who cares about the fanatics waging a war against innocent civilians or the activists being shot down by the self-proclaimed protectors of our culture. Who cares, really? Let us discuss Salman Khan as a person and if this isn't enough we will even discuss what Jimmy Wales does when he isn't doing anything.

Okay so I'll write down his accomplishments. They are as follows:

1. Got involved with the underworld and acted for free in a few movies for them. It is no secret that the money the underworld makes from movies goes into funding of their illegal activities.
2. A fellow actor/actress who doesn't suck up to him is bound to lose out on a large number of good assignments and if he/she is lucky then they would be able to escape physical abuse by him.
3. He extends an olive branch to a struggling model/actress and she has to accept it. Nobody rejects Salman Khan's offer.
4. A girl breaks up with him thinking she is free but according to Mr. Khan's own devised rules you cannot date anyone without his permission even after breaking up with him. Isn't he a charming hooligan?
5. He mowed down people during his adventures on the streets of Bandra one fine night. Still, he has been able to evade law for long unlike any of us commoners.
6. He hunted down endangered species for fun but such is his clout that he has been evading law in this case too.
7. In order to evade paying taxes, he started doing charity. He made a brand out of it and according to a few reports and sources he is literally minting money out of it now. And who really cares how much of it he really spends on charity. It's so simple you know. Help a few people and have the news channels carry the news. This way both his brand and he himself get a good amount of positive publicity. Ain't he a smart businessman?
8. And Voila, he himself is also good at licking the feet of the mighty who in return help him stay away from the grip of the law.

Note : I hope, I have been able to sum up everything of significance. Am so sure he's a hero like every Bhaijaan crazy fan portrays him to be.

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