Friday, May 20, 2016

Election Result'16 show that BJP's gaining ground in India.

Oh yes definitely. It not only shows the BJP is gaining grounds but also reflects the acceptance of people regarding the achievements of BJP of 2 years in center. People have started to agree and buy into the growth and development model of BJP and have negated all negative propaganda done by AAP, Congress & Media. It shows that people are seeing the work happening on the ground.
Let us look at what the below chart shows us:
Assam: BJP win and throws out congress which has been there since ages. Its a clean sweep for BJP there.
West Bengal: BJP has closed down on 3 seats in a extreme Left dominated state. Its an amazing news for BJP.
Kerala: Another left dominated state and BJP manages to get 1 seat means people are shifting their focus. Next 5–10 years BJP should come in.
Tamil Nadu: BJP hasn't been able to impact here. They need to develop a local face here, else just like now they cannot make inroads in TN.
If you want to see how deep is the impact, visit this website: Constituencywise-All Candidates Select state as Kerala and select each Constituency to check where BJP stands, what is the number of votes of each BJP candidate, what is the difference of vote compared to winning candidate.
BJP was no-where in Kerala and Bengal, but you will find each candidate in these states have got more than 20,000+ votes.
What does all of this means?
  1. Learning time for AAP, Congress, Left & Media that your fake propaganda does not work with people on the ground.
  2. Stronger force in Rajya Sabha coming up.
  3. Crucial next 5 years for BJP state cadre to dismantle other parties and come out stronger in these states.
  4. Acche Din coming up for Assam right away.
  5. Congress Free India.
All the best BJP. Keep going. Jai Hind.

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