Sunday, September 27, 2015

An Open Letter to PM Narendra Modi from an Indian!

Respected PM, Narendra Modiji ,

I am one of your follower from Ahmedabad who has been influenced by your weighty speech especially about democracy. After listening to your speech, I even started to watch your YouTube videos repeatedly. Moreover, I considered you as my role model and a great leader like Gandhi.

What is the real process of making our place digital?
Is it so that we can see your Make in India only in news, social media and TV?
Is there any committee working upon it?
We belong to the place far away from you but have never seen any of your programme and schemes implemented in our village town... shall we get it any day?

Is drawing lines on our Facebook DP and coloring it is complete package of Digital India??

Swaccha Bharat Abhiyaan is being heard since October 2nd 2014 but why is my village school toilet very dirty?

Your center-state partnership is on paper only... when will NITI aayog start working in Sikkim. The center-state partnership of cooperative federalism is seen on paper only... will it start or reach people after your tenure is over?

You declared self-attestation but is it declared nationwide? Have you taken a concern of it that our people are still running officer’s chambers for attestation??

Your Impetus on road safety...cashless treatments for accidents, CCTV surveillance, GPS tracking of public transport... has it started??

What about enhancing access to loans for business to curve unemployment?? Where should we go for these?
Where is your budget on Special Focus on North East with budget provision of ₹ 58000 crore along with intensive central govt. team visit gone.. Has it been stipulated to RSS team and kiren rijuju?

Your various promise on release of book SAAL EK SURUWAAT ANEEK has not reached a tickle to my village or even locality...

Your promises and declaration have never contributed to my village but I have always contributed to you
... I took 7 cups of tea in Delhi as a contribution to your election campaign and I bought all your books to contribute to make in India.

I request Modiji to reply me else you will be getting these question from almost every citizen every day?

God bless your vision but I pray it reach the millions.

Jay Hind.
– Aagam Shah

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